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Melvin Arthur Halsted founded Lowell and named it after his hometown of Lowell, Massachusetts. Lowell is known for its historic downtown and the Buckley Homestead, a living history museum. Annually, Lowell also hosts the oldest Labor Day parade and celebration in Indiana.


The assisted living facility, Cedar Creek Health Campus is located in Lowell. Residents may also seek medical treatment in nearby Crown Point at Franciscan Health Crown Point.


Lowell Medical Transportation


Medical patients in Lowell can have peace of mind knowing that Elite Ambulance will be available for all of their medical transportation needs. Whether you require pickup from a healthcare facility or need to be taken to a treatment center or hospital in the Northwest Indiana area, all you have to do is give us a call for emergency medical transportation or non emergency medical transportation in Lowell.


We also offer dialysis patients in Lowell, dialysis transportation to and from their treatment.


Contact us today at 219-322-6061 for a quote on our Lowell ambulance services.


Lowell Special Events Ambulance


If you are hosting a private or public special event, having a special events ambulance on standby will allow you to rest easy knowing that Elite’s medical experts will be on staff and prepared to serve you with prompt medical attention when needed. We can arrange an ambulance service for special events in Lowell and throughout the Northwest Indiana district.

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